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French property still most popular with brits says Conti

According to Conti, the overseas mortgage specialist, France is still the most popular country as far as Brits are concerned. France tops the list now for the third consecutive year, garnering 39% of all mortgage enquiries.

Spain is in second place and is hot on the heels of France with 31% of all enquiries, a 7% increase on last year, and a 9% increase compared to 2009.

Portugal knocked Turkey down to take 3rd with 12% of all enquiries, a 5% increase on last year, while Turkey fell to 11% of enquiries compared to 18% in 2010.

It's hardly surprising that France is so popular, as it easy for Britons to hop across the Channel, the market is stable, prices competitive and rental demand strong. The fact that French mortgages are offered at some of the best available rates in Europe is the real clincher.

Spain's growth can be attributed to a growing feeling that a bottom has been found, with most vendors now motivated and accepting of what buyers are willing to pay. Mortgage availability in Spain is generally pretty good as well, with maximum loan to values around 65% to 70%.

Meanwhile Portugal's popularity can be attributed to its continued stability. Despite the economic misery, property prices have remained more resilient due to tighter planning laws and lending conditions which prevented overdevelopment during the boom.


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